Monday, November 25, 2013

A Little Poem For Christmas

Does the sun not rise from the south?
Do the fires within you grow?
Life's ebbs bring new passions -
Towards spring when you may sow.

Winter has its subtle charms,
Though in each of us is felt a sting
From the icy gaze of Fate -
Who decides what tomorrow may bring.

I'll preach no mantra on wise choices,
Or the power of focused free will;
Instead I'll remember that you love,
And hold you in memory still.

Mortals have ego to sustain our hopes
That bad fates we may outrun;
Give this season to another, love,
And to them become a rising sun.

I'll post again before the Holidays, so I'll see you soon.

By the way, I've recently published an anthology of my 2013 poetry - Rori's Poetry 2013.  You can find it at Smashwords, and other fine ebook retailers - and it's FREE!  

To check out these poems and my other works at Smashwords, just use this link to my bio page, where you can start perusing: About Rori O'Keeffe 

Peace and cheers!

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