Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcoming The World Back

I really hope everything works out for this world.  These are the summer days when we recall the bombings of Japanese cities.  This is the year that we discover politicians are able to secretly place us in police state environments.  And these are the decades when we realize that humanity could suffer greatly (or die a death by a thousand cuts) due to environmental degradation.
Everywhere we look, we seem to see hatred and indifference on the rise; when we look within ourselves, what do we see?  I'd wager the average person sees great concern for the world and its future, yet that person feels almost powerless to do much about it.  As well, if he is like me, there is considerable confusion as to what is really going on.
Bit by bit, I think we'll chip away at the walls that obstruct the view of the rest of the world; slowly, by the standards of a single lifetime, we'll see that latent love for humanity tearing free of the leash.  The world will make a comeback in coming generations, I firmly believe, though not on its own.  We each need to do our share.
Today, I'd like to tell you of a new (to me) author I discovered at  His name is Jared Sande, and he lives in Kenya.  His general region of the world is suffering what few peoples have experienced in the past, and it's mainly because the world is still such a messed up place.  I would strongly recommend the two short stories of his I have read thus far - they are among the most powerful short works I have ever read.  They are Evil Sun [New Version}], and The Man.  I gave both stories enthusiastic five-star reviews, as they are easily among the very best short works I have seen.

Here's a link to his Smashwords bio page, where you can begin perusing his work:

His work is humane, and part of the beginning of welcoming the world back.

All the best in love and your works - R.O.

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