Monday, March 10, 2014

A Missing 777 In A Mysterious World

So much is out of sight in our world, kept on a shelf where the kids can't reach.  We live in a world of mysterious powers, mysterious motives and mysteriously gullible journalists (I can't believe we rely on parrots for information about what goes on in the world.)

The current mystery that is gripping audiences around the world is the fate of the Malaysian aircraft - did it go under the sea because of some malfunction?  Was it blown to bits by an Al-Qaeda shoe bomb?  Was it hijacked, then flown under the radar to some destination in southeast Asia?  The scariest possibility of all is that we'll never know for sure.

I asked a friend today what she thought has happened.  "You know," she began conspiratorially, "Russia's in the Ukraine, Iran is untrustworthy - and there's who-knows-how-many shadowy groups in the world."  She explained her Russia/Vietnam theory in some detail, then concluded by saying, "The world is run by a bunch of nuts - and the elected ones are just the tip of the power pyramid."

Like a lot of people, my friend thinks that real power for the masses of humanity is a lofty and hopeless goal - we'll always be frustrated by people who hold the power buttons, as they struggle among themselves for more power buttons.  The buttons will never be in the hands of the people.

While not as cynical as my friend, I do believe that our so-called democracy is farcical by the standards of a government "of the people, by the people, for the people."  It's representative government and nothing more - perhaps an evolutionary step towards a real democracy, but a form of governance that long ago outlived its justifications.  The people have been ready for a real hand in their affairs with participatory democracy for generations now.

Conspiracy theories about missing aircraft and invisible powers in the world will reign, with some degree of credibility, until we can see that is is ourselves who push the buttons in this world - but it won't be easy to tear those buttons of power away from the lunatics who currently run our world so recklessly.

Let's pray that somehow those passengers will be found alive and well, and let's pray that such mysteries involving the lives of people diminish, and disappear, from a better governed world - a world governed by the very people whose welfare depends on how those power buttons are pushed - or not pushed.

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